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A Little Bird Told Me...Kasey Chambers

Book Extract
September 1, 2011

And her bird can sing By Blue Lake Boy on March 13, 2016
I have had the pleasure of seeing Australian alt-country star Kasey Chambers three times in concert now, twice in Mount Gambier and once in seaside village of Beachport, not far from Kasey's tiny home town of Southend, the last a ramshackle impromptu show that almost had the feel of a family reunion and featured Kasey's brother Nash playing drums with her for the first time in many years. Family is central to the Kasey Chambers story and it runs like a thread through the patchwork quilt of her life, from her earliest days roaming the vast Nullarbor Plains with her parents and brother (a time beautifully captured in her song Biggest Backyard in the World) through her musical apprenticeship in the Chambers family band The Dead Ringers to the nucleus of her unlikely cross-over success from country wailer to Top 40 star. It is journey well told in her autobiography, capturing the desolate beauty of her unusual desert upbringing and providing the background detail to such breakthrough hits as The Captain and Not Pretty Enough.It's not the best written autobiography I've ever read but in its colloquial tone and having her onstage storytelling first hand,A Little Bird Told Me sounds authentic, as though Kasey herself is there in person regaling you with her tales of success and hard times. It is both funny and heartbreaking in its honesty, particularly the passages where Kasey relates the loss of her second child and her harrowing slide into an eating disorder and depression that followed, adding a further layer of meaning to perhaps her most famous song, Not Pretty Enough.Kasey's autobiography ends with the release of album which also gives the book its title, a triumphant comeback of sorts after the experimental pop record of Carnival. I remember seeing Kasey perform on the tour undertaken to promote A Little Bird Told Me and it was a marvellous show, full of great stories and songs. It seems certain that this unique Australian songbird will be around for many years to come with perhaps another book down the road documenting the next thirty years. I'm sure it will be as entertaining as her first.

Little Bird told me By Bev on June 1, 2012
Loved this book, it was great to hear of Kasey's life and how hard it was for her and also her great life of travelling with her parents and her brother at such a youg age. Well done Kasey

Very Interesting Book By Gayle on March 3, 2014
Enjoyed this book. Have seen the Kasey Chambers perform and appreciate the story of her life, very interesting to read.