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A Pure Drop: The Life of Jeff Buckley

Book Extract
September 1, 2008

"This solid biography records in great detail not only the life of Jeff Buckley but also that of his father, Tim Buckley. This a book for anyone who wants to know everything about young Buckley. Apter has done his research."Bruce Elder Sydney Morning Herald

“Jeff Apter’s lively biography, sympathetic but not hagiographical, makes you feel for those who have to have the struggle with their father in public. As Apter remarks, Buckley paved the way for a whole legion of maudlin boys, from Coldplay to Snow Patrol, who can’t compare with his vitality: Buckley could do the emotional splurge, and how.”Owen Richardson The Age / A2

"This candid biography shows his many faces: a gifted impressionist, covers enthusiast, prankster and, most comically, an avid dog stalker . . . We get to see Buckley's personality crack as relationships strain due to touring Grace (his drinking put him on 'an emotional asteroid'), although he finds peace again cycling around Memphis shortly before that fateful swim." Classic Rock 7/10

"In A Pure Drop: The Life of Jeff Buckley, Australian Jeff Apter explores the nooks and crannies of Buckley's short life, from his California childhood through to his fledgling music career in New York and beyond, and includes a chapter, The Wizard of Oz, that draws on accounts of those who were around him in Australia to paint a picture of a multi-layered personality; a fun-loving, mischievous party animal who was also quiet, introverted, secretive and volatile, and a great musician." Iain Shedden The Australian  

"Apter resists mawkishness or sentimentality in this account of Buckley's life and death, to reveal a difficult – if charismatic – man who doesn't quite match the idealised image of the gifted lost boy destroyed by fame and family." Q

"Australian journalist Jeff Apter's lively and engaging narrative elevates this biography from a book of facts to a sophisticated portrait of a complex man and talented musician . . . The more-than-occasional expletive does not distract from the narrative; rather it imbues the writing with a humanity and humour that draws you into Buckley's world." Limelight

Here's some news on a new Jeff Buckley book project I'm involved with, due out in 2019. There will also be a revised edition of A Pure Drop available in Australia in May 2017 thru Echo Publishing.

Listen to the radio interview with Jeff Apter