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Never Enough: The Story Of The Cure

Book Extract
September 1, 2005

'A wry portrait whose edge is as sharp as any Charles Addams' cartoon.' 

Spin (A-)

'I wanted to write and thank you. As you know I waited many years for my side of The Cure story to be told and I am immensely pleased and relived that it has finally been reported in such an honest and reasonable manner. After reading the book I walked around with a smile on my face all day yesterday!

The Cure was (and still is to a certain extent) a very big part of my life and it was important to me to have my part of the story conveyed accurately without any bitterness or resentment because ultimately I am both humbled and grateful by what we did and I continue to be proud of that achievement. I cannot imagine how hard it is to get close enough to your subject to see the real story but I think you have done it admirably.Thank you for telling the true story.'Lol Tolhurst (co-founder The Cure)

'The book is GREAT!! The book is brilliantly written, incredibly detailed (probably only for the massive Cure Fan, and for me the early years of struggle and strife were fascinating and Apter does his best to critisise and praise Robert where appropriate.'Mark Francombe, The Cranes

'I am a diehard Cure fan since about 1985, but this book told me so much info I really feel like I did my homework! Excellent stories, amazing detail, fairly balanced on controversial issues, great photos. If you wish you'd been in on The Cure during their teenage years, this book will fill you in to a serious level. A truly entertaining read.'