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Never Enough: The Story Of The Cure

Release Date:

Sep 2005

The Cure emerged in the post-punk 1970s and defied all expectations to launch a marathon career marked by hit records and a string of sell-out arena shows. Never Enough is the first definitive biography of these post punk survivors. It traces their roots in middle-class Crawley, Sussex and tracks their gradual rise, revealing how their first major album Pornography almost ended the band well before their multi-platinum career began. It also documents Robert Smith's escape into the Siouxsie and the Banshees camp during the 1980s, his experimentation with every drug ('bar smack') and his reluctance to return to The Cure, even though they would eventually become superstars, not only on both sides of the Atlantic but all around the globe. Classic Rock magazine described this book as 'a solid, all-encompassing history'.